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Sep 23, 2018 · 5 min read

Top 8 Photo editing services company review 2019

“It has never been so easier” is the line almost every happy Photographer says, who has outsourced his/her work from different photo editing services.

They say it because, it has reduced a lot of load from their shoulders and has helped them to concentrate as well as make them renowned for the work they are best at, which is taking pictures!

Now at present, there are plenty of photo editing companies available on the vast world of internet. You can find them from anywhere starting from social media to search engines and ads. Most of the photographers or the future customers of these companies gets puzzled thinking about choosing the best one for them among this many service providers.

Especially to help them in finding the best photo editing services I’ve come up with this very article where I’ve listed ten of the best photo editing service providers. I have ranked them based on their performance and work quality as well as their punctuality. I assure you that this article will definitely help you in finding your perfect outsourcing partner.

So, without further ado, let’s start!


Fix the photo Logo

Number of services offered — 18

Customer review — 5/5

Punctuality — Special 24 hours service

Experience — 15 years

Work Quality — 10/10

Pricing — Starts from $2

They have edited almost about 3000 000 photos since 2003 and has a client number of about 40k per year. They have captured and provided service to clients from 86 different countries till now. They provide special retoucher for each customer. Therefore, This Company undoubtedly ranks on the top.


Clipping path experts logo

Number of services offered — 8

Customer review — 4.8/5

Punctuality — 24/7 available

Experience — 10+ years

Work Quality — 9.5/10

Pricing — Starts from only $0.35

They are one of the finest photos editing service provider I’ve seen so far. They provide fine quality clipping path service and free trials for customer satisfaction and surety. Their massive group of professional designers works in two shifts to provide service 24 hours. They don’t take any upfront payments as well as charge the lowest price possible and that is just $0.35. They give on time deliveries and also give discount on bulk orders. Compared to a big firm like Fix the photo they rank on second according to me. I rank them 2nd.


Nude retouching logo

Number of services offered — 8

Customer review — 4.5/5

Punctuality — Average

Experience — 10 years

Work Quality — 9/10

Pricing — Standard starts from $5

They have offered boudoir photography retouching service to about the entire nude, boudoir and glamour related photographers over New York and London and is online 24/7 for their clients. I rank them on 3rd.


We edit photos logo

Number of services offered — 12

Customer review — 4.7/5

Punctuality — 24/7 on time delivery

Experience — 15 years

Work Quality — 9/10

Pricing — $2

One thing that fascinates me most about them is their number of services and the quality of it. They always prioritize on quality than quantity. I rank them on 4th.

Clipping path lab

Clipping path lab logo

Number of services offered — 12

Customer review — 4.4

Punctuality — 24/7

Experience — 2 years

Work Quality — 8/10

Pricing — $0.29

They are also among the professionals who are doing a great job in this sector. You can say them as cash cows as they have a growing market share. Their work quality is great and the pricing is also quite lower and cheaper than other companies. I rank them on 5th.


Tucia Logo

Number of services offered — 17

Customer review — 4.9

Punctuality — 24/7 hrs

Experience — 11 years

Work Quality — 9.5/10

Pricing — $8

This company also has a great experience in this sector and has been providing service since 2007. They have served a customer number of 120 000 till now and are still counting. I rank them 6th.


Picsera Logo

Number of services offered — 5

Customer review — 4.8

Punctuality — 24/7 hrs

Experience — 15+ years

Work Quality — 10/10

Pricing — $169 per package

Picsera are among the oldest company to start this service. At first they started as event managers then they started to do outsourcing and have served a lot of clients till now. On their service basis I rank them 7th.


Photo editing company

Number of services offered — 6

Customer review — 4.5

Punctuality — 24/7 hrs

Experience — 5+ years

Work Quality — 7/10

Pricing — $0.90

This company is also progressing and the customers are satisfied with their work. They have to work on the template of their service page rather than that they are doing great. I rank them 8th.


A photo editing service according to me should me them who will ease the works on your hand and will help you to cope up with other competitors and grow your career with a competitive advantage. These photo editing companies are actually giving their best to satisfy their clients with their remarkable work. It is helping the photographers and eCommerce businesses to grow and save cost at the same time. Therefore, we can proudly call such companies our helping hand and a true friend indeed.

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