We had a concerted recital rebuttal for the herdsmen and banditry in the South East, a situation the governors smiled at rather than frown at.

They weren’t peeved about it. They went to sleep instead.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and so the need for securing the people and their properties fell to a few men without state control.

Eastern Security Network (ESN) happened, rising after the ashes of the endsars, an era that ushered in an endearing daring situation, a situation that threw up phantom violent possibilities for those who thrive in chaos.

Now, we do not know who to take the war to.

Tag ESN to the ongoing security breaches and you would receive a backlash from a large sect of Igbo liberators on social media for doing so. Call them bandits, someone would remind you that these acts are well coordinated to receive a simple narration of a bandit nature.

New Eastern Bandits provacateurs breeding or Eastern Security Network holding claim as the protectors of the Eastern people.

Who then is responsible, filtrating security apparatus and taking them out.

It should worry everyone.

The South East is fighting an enemy within.

And that is one of the most difficult battles any town, state, region or country would engage.

While assuming that no one knows the persons behind the mask, we stand in condemnation.

However, it is about the stunning body posture of the Governors of the South East, a class of lost hope.

None of them seems to have the nerve with which to confront the heightened security problems in their states let alone in the region.

When one look far off, in the South- West, an area in search of its soul, you could see responses in the direction of the need to protect the people and their existence.

While the South-East governors continue to gallivant, displaying their self failings, showing off their pot bellies, the South-West Governors continue to put security structures firmly in the foreground.

Even though Lagos Government does not play within the framework of Amotekun, it is abreast with the demands of the time.

Today, it approved body-worn camera's for most of its security and traffic agencies, Last, Neighborhood Watch and VIS in particular.

This isn't borne out of a need to keep randy drivers in check, but also to help pick security breaches that may occur at any point within the reach of an agent or officer.

Today, Ogun launched its state-version of Amorekun, and equipped them, just like other states within the region.

To add seriousness to this, Wole Soyinka was decorated as a 'Super Marshal' to raise the bar and challenge state citizens to join in the fight against fixated lingering security challenges, even as 'Marshals’.

More so, today, Governor Makinde of Oyo state, widened the operations of Amotekun, by setting a role-rule for traditional rulers in the state.

In the South-West security is being taken seriously, but not in the South-East.

Right there the governors seem not to care, not even in the face of the South-East opulent worsening security, worse still that of it becoming it's own enemy.

The monster they nurtured playing dumb, now festering.

My hearts to those who have lost their lives in the new wave of insecurity in the South-East. May we continue to seek ways to force these governors into action.

Let them become less of a burden to their people.

They may become the five eastern villains, who refuse to learn from the six South-West heroes. Where as the three wise men where biblically from the East.

In the South-East, we need them most urgently.

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