The Young and the Radical — The Awakening of a New Black America
Mattias Lehman

I guess I will be the 2nd comment on your article that’s not absolutely terrifying and insane.

Great writing! I can really feel your emotions through your writing, and I can identify with your thoughts about this generation of black youth realizing that racism never really went away. We were all taught that. Racism is gone! MLK and Caesar Chavez sorted it out for us!

Wait a minute…

Nope, racism isn’t gone after all. It just became socially taboo to be a loud, violent racist where others could see and hear you. Folks are still racist just the same, they just don’t believe they are.

White families not wanting their kids to marry a “thug.”

Crossing the street when a group of Mexican dudes is headed their way.

Pulling their eyes into little slits and saying “ching chong” and making gestures of a car crashing due to a negligent, asian driver.

I could go on and on. Most people think that because they aren’t out lynching folks, or spitting on black people that they aren’t racist, and everything is all good. So long as they believe that, nothing will change.

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