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I think a lot of people are missing the point here. Who are all these comedians pushing back and saying “can’t you just take a joke” ? They are for the most part, all older, and white.

The world would be an easy place to live in if we understood power structures and how they interplay with people’s emotional responses. An old white dude like Adam Carolla making a joke about Mexicans, is 99% of the time going to be extremely problematic. If George Lopez made the same joke, it would probably not be so offensive.

If George Lopez makes a joke about white people, it is also not so offensive. Why? Because dark skinned Latinos are largely disenfranchised in our communities. They have less power in society (by and large). This is pretty straight forward stuff. It can be applied to men making jokes about women. White men making jokes about how people of color speak. And on and on.

Asking “why can’t you take a joke” seems to speak volumes about the offensive person making “jokes.” They were raised up in a society that allowed *them* to look down on others, or to make fun of others. They were empowered to do so, and so find it funny. If you are on the flip side of that equation, you get extremely pissed off.

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