Barcelona’s next move — My Prediction

After the record breaking sale of Neymar to PSG, the Catalonian club is under huge pressure to bring a world class star to replace Neymar Jr.

It’s clearly obvious that they have to make a splash in this market to keep the fans happy about their squad. Many speculations are on hot topics about bringing a mighty player to Barcelona. The following is my predicted list (with the possible priority) of their transfer targets that are somehow inclined with the reliable reports.

1. Paulo Dybala

The Bianconeri youth star is the one tops my list who can arrive to Valverde’s team. The possibilities are really higher as Juventus is in need of a controller in their Center midfield. They are highly interested in Andre Gomes next to Veratti. Albeit, Paulo had expressed his stay at Juventus this season, he could be allured by a hefty contract. Also he may find, it would be better to play with his NT player Messi in this world cup deciding year. This strong reason makes me choose Dybala than others; black & whites can cope up with their new forward Bernardeschi. Sideby, they are highly expected to sign Keita Balde Diao of Lazio. That will neutralize their forward vacuum if Dybala leaves. Recently Dani Alves quoted that,

Dybala should move away from Juventus to improve himself.

With all these correlated, Dybala is the highly likely player to replace Neymar in my point of view.

2. Ousmane Dembele

One of the highly recognised youth players currently, who can play in either wings primarily right, had expressed Barcelona as his favorite club. Though he had said weeks ago,

Barcelona transfer rumours doesn’t interest me. Now I’m focused on playing for BVB,

his signing can almost happen with a mouth watering deal to the Die Borussen. Being a 20 year old, he could never reject a deal from one of the mightiest clubs. That’s a life-time opportunity for Ousmane & his work rates prove he can easily suit to Barca’s attacking front.

BVB’s transfer principle can make this deal happen smoothly as they always tend to sell their finest talents for highly reasonable bucks. They would need less than a week to bring a replacement with their widened scouts & youth team. It’s all about Barcelona & Dembele to decide over this deal. Even he could be signed without approaching Dybala.

3. Ross Barkley

This could be an odd pick but I have a strong instinct that he would be signed. The important reason is, Valverde use to play with a trequartista in his squad, as a vintage aid in attacking. Barkley can be shifted from Center to attack with a quick transition who can be very useful in Ernesto’s plans.

The secondary reason to consider him is, Deulofeu who had just returned from Everton had expressed his interest of having Barkley im squad to the board. With the presence of Deulofeu, Turan and Alcacer the forward line can be empowered with an attacker like Barkley. This deal is less likely to happen though I would like to make him third.

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These three are my list about their potential buy for attacking side. I strongly believe Coutinho, Mbappe and Lemar will not be signed by them this season (I’m ready to take the L). Klopp insists very confidently about Coutinho’s stay and Mbappe being linked with Real Madrid, also being an ardent fan of Cristiano, Blaugrana would not like to bring this 18 year old. Lemar doesn’t have a world class spark as Dembele has. His speculations doesn’t make sense to me, as Deulofeu can deliver the same intensity as Lemar does. I believe Barca will not sign him by investing 60M who had never been spoken about his world class techniques.

Apart from attacking side, other areas might be upgraded. Speculations about Iñigo Martinez’s arrival is genuine and it’s truly a vital move to strengthen their CB position.

Veratti’s signing is still not sure as Dani Alves confirmed he will stay in Paris. With 25 days to the end of window, moves from FCB will be quicker and it will be unpredictable in the case of Veratti. Still I believe he will not be signed.

As per Spanish Journalist Sid Lowe, it’s better for Barcelona to go without any big transfers saving up their money to bring needed stars in January, as Ernesto is a master in playing with available youngsters. That would also be a better option in my opinion. I would consider it as fourth next to Barkley.

4. Not Buying anyone

With their salary payroll running out of limits, they could balance their finance with €222M. I’m a follower of Valverde for his astute thinking in transfer decisions who could try to buy an alternative for reasonable price. For his first season, it’s a risk to handle this strategy which can replicate the syndrome of Benitez in Real Madrid.

This 2017–18 is the real test for Barcelona’s financial and squad management. Hope they protect their glory with their new decisions.