A design favorite: Simple Bank

Who knew that banking could be simple?

When I think of banking, fun and simple aren’t immediate terms that come mind. Very few banking institutions make it easy to bank. From the desktop interface, mobile, as well as in-person banking, the financial institution design hasn’t been revamped for the 21st century. Well, thats until Simple came along.

I’m definitely not a banker, however I am a consumer, an avid one at that. I have gone through my fair share of banks. I’ve tried credit unions as well as institutionalized banking brands that have locations in all parts of the country. The one thing that I have noticed, is that the experience has never been inviting. It has felt so sterile and so far removed that it has been easy not to have emotional ties with one over the other.

A friend of mine introduced me to Simple bank. He raved about it. On and on, he was talking about its features and the simplicity of being able to save. While I had my hesitations, I knew that I had to do my research and check it out.

Simple Bank (simple.com)

To my delight, it seems as if someone out there designed the banking experience appealing for the millennial! With each feature, I became more pleasantly surprised with this company. What is really mind blowing is that the team probably came up with multiple problem statements and motives for their customers. Even more intriguing, is they acted and designed for those issues.

Safe-to-Spend feature

Assuming you are a working class citizen. What is your primary motive for checking your bank account? I know for me, I would ask myself, “Damn, do I have enough money for this?”

What Simple created, was a safety blanket for users to be able to see what they can possibly spend without incurring those over draft fees. However, they tied the feature to the overall experience.

If you are saving up for something, and that is a reoccurring feature or payment, you shouldn’t be paying over X amount for that boozy brunch with your friends. Simple created a feature that takes incorporates the benefit of a financial advisor and your bank account. CRAZY!

There are so many more benefits that we could touch upon:

  • Setting spending goals
  • $0 ATM fees
  • Security
  • Customized user input for transactions for easy tracking

but thats what their website is for. I know this post is probably ending up like one big commercial for Simple, but I must say, from the user experience side of things, they hit it on the mark. I would be interested to see how they continue to get the word out about their bank as well as what they do to keep their customers over time.

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