8 Simple Steps I’ve Used To Write 5 Bestselling Books
Jeff Goins

Always great advice.

I have several book ideas and have been talking about them for about 5 years now. I will use the “self-confidence” excuse for the first couple, but I have no excuse for holding back now so why am I not getting it done?

Because I’m not getting it done. I’m talking about it, discussing how great it would be to do it and how much I think I can offer. But that’s as far as I’ve gone.

The outline thing always makes me nervous, I have always balked at it because I don’t know how to write a proper outline. I start out with a plan but quickly fill in too much, turning the outline into a mini, confusing, out of sequence book.

However, I recently discovered Masterclass and found James Patterson’s method of creating an outline. This, I think, can work. I’m excited to try it, so…

Why am I not yet trying it.

Thanks for reminding me that I need to get to work.

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