E’rybody’s Leaving Medium… 😕
Michael Ramsburg

Here’s a question. If a publication didn’t start out on Medium would it grow big enough to jump ship and survive as quickly? Or at all?

I’m not here for the publications, I’m here for the audience. I don’t know of any other place I can post and immediately have the exposure that I get from writing on Medium. I have received some incredible feedback from other readers and writers, and give some of the same. I feel like I’m part of a community here and not just out there on my own waiting for someone to stumble onto my front porch.

Sure, $15 a year for a domain name, but it’s more than $5 a month to host a real site where you have full control. And, forget about all of the extras you get by working on Medium. Think you can build in all of the linking and content management and alerts yourself? There is definitely more than $5 a month in reward here.

I’m not leaving, I’ll stay until the lights do go out. And I’ll continue to pay $5 a month for that privilege. I didn’t come for publications, I came to publish.

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