Everyone’s Invited
Gail Boenning

Hi Gail,

First — congratulations are due, glad to hear you are up and running. There’s something satisfying about handing people a business card with your own website on it, especially when you’re lucky enough to have it match your own name.

As someone with lots of tech experience, and who is currently acting as content manager for a web design firm, and who has been helping people with everything from social media to blog posts, I would offer one piece of advice which you are free to completely ignore.

Don’t trade Medium for your website’s blog. Do both. You can focus on your blog and don’t have to post as much on Medium, but don’t quit. It will take some time to build up the readership you have built in with Medium, and you can use the traffic here to steer people to your homepage. You can do both and get great results.

Also, most people don’t realize you generally have different audiences at each endpoint. People visiting one may not necessarily visit the other., so don’t abandon either one. All content is good content, just use them all to point people back to your website as the ultimate destination.

You probably knew all of this already, but just in case…