This is a moving and inspiring story, but it’s important to remember that sometimes you just can’t…
Katherine Bouton

Hi Katherine,

I’m not sure I understand your response, or you may have misunderstood mine. And please don’t read my response as anything other than clarification, it was not written with any other intent or emotion.

It was my intention to show that cancer is not necessarily a death sentence and that I personally know, not through hearsay or someone else’s experience, someone who was as sick from the disease, and the treatment, as anyone could possibly get — and survived.

I think we all know cancer wins in more cases than anyone would like to acknowledge. However, I would rather share a story that might generate hope with someone that’s just discovered a frightening truth than to reiterate the potentially negative outcome of their situation. I feel that “Here’s a story of victory” is a lot better than “Hope you don’t die, but you know, you might.”

Turn on the news or open any webpage and you’ll be bombarded with stories which do nothing but generate fear and despair. We all need a happy ending once in a while. Especially when there are true victories to share with those in need of hope.