Hi Chuck, I held off on replying until I could be sure I would have adequate time to respond.
Mindy F.

I am so sorry for not replying sooner, I got so completely blind-sided with work that I’m just now catching my breath.

More than anything I wanted to agree with you that the art of conversation is dead, or close to it. I refuse to help throw dirt on the coffin by lobbing out venomous replies or meaningless jabs when they accomplish nothing for either speaker.

We cannot learn or grow unless are are open to information from outside sources, and unfortunately, we seem to have entered an “us against them” age, where anyone who disagrees with, or challenges, another person’s way of thinking or opinion must be an idiot who deserves to be torn down and chastised for daring to speak.

Thank you so much for your meaningful, rational response to my post. I welcome your opinion and insights and am better for them both. Looking back on our conversation I can see that we are in car more alignment than was evident at the start. I think we’ve both been essentially saying the same thing, although resources such as this make truly meaningful communication nearly impossible to clearly understand.

I don’t want to drag this out perpetually but I have enjoyed our exchange and appreciate the opportunity to talk with someone who is on the same playing field. I don’t have anyone I cross paths with regularly who truly “gets it” so talking with someone like you makes me feel a little more grounded.

Thank you very much for that, and I hope to talk with you again!


PS — please forgive any spelling of grammar errors, I’m typing this far later than I should…