Hello, I’m here. Please do talk to me.
Jon Jackson

I feel like I just read a post from myself…

Yes, introverted indeed. I sleep forget that being out here means being seen and read by other people, who wouldn’t find me or know I wrote a single thing if I didn’t go looking for interaction.

I have to avoid the trap I continued set for myself — am I writing because I’m a writer, or am I writing because I just want to hear myself talk?

It’s too easy to see your own words floating in the screen in front of you, set loose to float freely across the webiverse, and think “behold, I am published before all mankind, and readers shall flock to my page to drink from my fountain of wisdom.”

There truth, of course if more like “behold, I have published my words before me, and hope to hear that readers will stumble upon my page to linger a while if I’m lucky.”

As an introvert I can easily forget that there is an entire world beyond my front door. I may venture out on a grocery mission, or wander down to the gas station, but there’s a good chance I’ll speed the whole trip inside my own head.

I mistakenly blurted out Content is King recently, using that tired slogan to kickstart a working session that produced minimal value to an errand reader.

Content is critical, but your post just made me realize it’s Conversation that’s King.

Thanks for the wake-up slap.

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