In short, no one looks good in this story, nor should they. Our regulatory agencies not only failed, they actively took part in creating that failure. Our drug industry is exposed as a malicious actor that directly places profits over the addiction, misery, and death of hundreds of thousands of Americans. And our Congress, not surprisingly, is exposed as a low rent flophouse with a “For Sale” sign on the front lawn.
Capitalism at Its Worst: The Opioid Crisis
John Battelle

Is anyone surprised by this?

Another effect of this is that, someone like me, with 5 fused vertebrae, a spinal birth defect, severe arthritis in my spine, and more - someone who has been told by several specialists that there is no resolution and yet works full time but only because of the relief that narcotics have provided, will have an even more difficult time dealing with the health care system.

And yes, I have tried everything else. No, I would NOT like to go for another round of spinal surgery, another 5 months out of work, 3 more years of recovery, and another $30,000 in medical debt.

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