How to profit from Medium when you can’t make money on it
maria milojković

Outstanding. Thank you so much for sharing, and also for putting out there for all the read the same sentiment about Medium that I share with you.

No matter what platform were discussing, it’s not always about the money. When I started chasing my dream of being a published writer I swore I would write everything day to continually grow as a writer. Posting that content in front of a live audience makes me want to create something worthwhile and not just a word count.

I agreed with the rest of your post as well. Feedback, information, corrections and constructive criticism all help me become a stronger writer. But the same stuff that comes in can also go out. By writing on Medium I have an outlet that lets me pass the lessons I’ve learned back to people I’ve been to class and conferences with, helping them to grasp something I learned first.

I personally find great value on the pages of Medium as a reader and as a writer and don’t expect the return to be strictly financial.

Where else can a guy from Michigan share in the wisdom of a woman from Macedonia and feel richer for it?

Thanks for your outstanding post!