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What possible reason did you have for writing this kind of mean-spirited response to a story? If you didn’t like it, all you had to do was click on something else. Don’t click the heart. Don’t refer it to others. But tearing the writer down because it’s a subject you don’t like is a perfect example of one of the biggest problems we face today.

As our parent’s said — if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all. This is an opinion, a story by a writer who did nothing “dumb” or wrong, you just don’t like the subject. So instead of moving on to find something else your reaction is to pull out the claws and make sure everyone who comes along knows how intelligent you are because you disapprove.

I’m sure everything you’ve produced has Pulitzer written all over it.

People need to stop jumping at every chance to tear each other down just because they can, and because the internet provides the convenience of distance and the safety of anonymity. There is no reason at all to leave a nasty comment here, none.

Now, go be nice to someone today to make up for your bad behavior.