6 Reasons Why An Email List Is the Gateway to Success For A Small Business Owner

Dear Small Business Owner,

If you’ve just started out in your business and don’t have your own email list — you might not be aware of this.

You are setting yourself up for additional obstacles (than necessary!!) on your entrepreneur journey.

If no one else has told you or shared with you what I’m about to tell you next, I feel sorry for you.

But don’t worry. You’ve just hit a lucky patch!

Today is your lucky day!

You’ve found my article and I’m going to be absolutely honest with you.

The gateway to success for your business involves the building of your own email list.

Got it? If anyone tells you otherwise, ignore them.

I repeat this: you bloody need an email list.

In the old days, each successful business owner has a little black book of contacts. Inside, there’s the name, address, telephone number or/and mobile number (or even pager numbers!), sometimes even birthdays. These contacts were potential clients, existing clients or soon-to-be clients.

Everything was inside. The entire business revolves around this little precious black book.

For small businesses, they will call up their big-time clients one by one on the telephone or mobile numbers when new products come along. Due to time constraint, clients that contributed less to the bottomline would not be contacted regularly.

Today, we live in THE Digital Age.

Two things have since evolved:

1. The email address is the NEW mobile number.

2. Digital tools like the email marketing tools have (nearly?!) made the little black book obsolete.

Nonetheless, the formula for owning a successful business remains UNCHANGED.

The formula hasn’t changed.

You still need to keep a list of potential clients, existing clients or soon-to-be clients.

So, obviously the natural way of operating a business is to pay for an email marketing tool and GROW that list of contacts.


I’m giving you another five compelling reasons why your decision should be pretty clear and straightforward.

1. You Want Control Of Your Business (or not?)
When you have new products and services, do you want to wait around for prospects to enquire about them?

Or does it make more sense to have an interested list to blast out the information and trigger some interest?

2. You Don’t Want To Depend On Social Media Platforms Like Facebook, Instagram etc
Unless you have a stipulated agreement with them to always show your posts to all your followers, chances are — your posts on those platform will not get all your followers’ eyeballs even if they are following you. You can work around it to post more often — that means MORE WORK!

I recall the last couple of times when I went to the supermarket to buy my favourite crisps.

Buying crisps: my last frustrating experience.

I couldn’t find them at the same spot and circled around the store a few times. It was peak hour and I couldn’t find a shop assistant to help me. I became frustrated after walking around the shop 3 times. I went home empty-handed.

Just like how supermarkets keep switching the locations of the items around, social media platforms change their algorithm regularly.

Want each of your follower to get ALL your latest updates?

Get them on your email list!

3. Emails Live Longer Than Your Social Media Posts
An email is a personalized message to your customer’s inbox. The people on your list opt-ed in to receive information from you because they want to know your offerings.

Just like your own physical letterbox. The last time I received a newsletter from my gym, I was on the way out and didn’t have the time to look at it. I put it at the to-read corner on my dining table and only got around to reading it a few days later.

Rather, social media platforms are hangouts for people to pop in and out.

If your followers miss your posts regularly, it’s less likely they are going to browse through your old outdated posts.

4. Email Marketing Offers Multiple Touchpoint Opportunities

Remember your best buddy from school that you lost touch with?

Your life paths diverged from each other.

Busy lives cause friendships and relationships to grow apart.

Routines change. You were so busy you didn’t have a chance to catch up. When you got a breather, you called them up and realized they have changed their numbers, moved countries or moved on.

Just like how regular catch-ups sustains friendships, consistent and regular communication keeps your brand near the top of your customers’ mind.

And the email marketing tool provides equips you with just the right capability.

To maintain unwavering touch-points.

5. Email ROI Is $44 To Every Dollar Spent

A profitable business is all about a great return on investment.

Duh, how else will your business survive if you are not doing proper math?

A marketing ROI is the priority of a highly profitable and sustainable business.

Put it simply, this is how it looks.

Social media marketing: no public statistics. Businesses are struggling to calculate their returns and justify their spending.

Email marketing: for each dollar you put in, you get back a 100% return. Appealing?

What more do I have to say?

I rest my case.

P.S: Ok, I get it. Some of you might be still unconvinced (*shakes head*), check this out to get the intricate details of why an email list is an absolute must for you.

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