5 Minutes to Page 1 of Google
Abe Storey


Awesome guide for ranking quick, i have not had time to test as yet but i do have an concern, i was asking an pal of mine who tried this method just to “test the water” for an keyword, he created an live broadcast on his youtube account, but was nnot broadcasting anything, blank, black screen he hit 2nd spot on google page one for “Canadian survivalist guide” and spent about 15 mins showing off and telling people on Facebook, for this 15 mins he was still broadcasting an blank screen and when he went back to the google tab, not only had his broadcast been shut offline, he recived an warning from Google.

So it oviously works to rank quick but im guessing Google or making sure this is not being exploited? I mean his youtube channel is sports related, so i wonder (and asking you this as an query) if he had been broadcasting some type of sporing video rather than an blank screen and the fact the Title , description etc had nothing to do with sport as it was “Canadian survivalist guide” , would he have not got the warning and been able to contine broadcasting?

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