If Nipples could talk
Saloni Chopra ☮

we have been living independence of the nation for more than five decades.

science, civilization and society has revolutionized at rapid.

eventually women have taken the society’s creed to skies and even planets far.

but talking about gender equality is not just a women’s choice in the society.

it is the peaceful generation we hope to bring for substantial mental balance.

if you have choice to live in your own way ! then society has also a choice in its way, you shouldn’t regret. i realized after i watched deepika padukone’s my choice.

well if you ask me . sorry i should say — the strategy towards gender equality should be in a convincing way, just as a serenity of love that passes from mother to child and father to daughter.

this is like raging society , might be propelling culture equivalent to gun violence in society.

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