The only truly ethical thing to do is to stop being a paid designer altogether (which I have just done) unless you are lucky enough to work at the 1% of studios that only do work for social good. After 10 years as a designer I can’t help feeling that most of commercial design is, at best, pointless busywork, and at worst a self-congratulatory evil.
I would argue that design cannot be divorced from capitalism, so its ethics problem is directly…
Nicole Merlin

I always believed in the motto of “Good design can save the world” and worked hard towards it. But after so many years (~18) of working as a designer I can’t help but feel the same way as you do.

It is bullshit. We, designers (most if not all) have become a tool for the capitalism (is there a good capitalism? 🤔) and it’s not getting any better. They now want us to use everything we can against the users/customers in order to frame / capture / “onboard” them better.

Just remembered that little piece I wrote on Medium few months back.

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