How I run a blog, started a business and work a full time job all at once
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Jon, your workflow is similar to what I’ve been working up to. I’m still trying to find the right tool to do it though. I would rather not pay for something, but some of the added benefits of automation and convenience. I read the article about “The Secret Weapon” which I definitely see how you derived your workflow from that. I think its a great way to definitely keep the “noise” out for extremely busy people. The only problem I have is the idea of trying to maintain it all within one system. I would say that is very hard especially for freelance designers. I guess a notebook could be created that is specific for the application used for projects. I was wondering if you had any ideas, or if this is something you run into with the different ventures you are involved in.

I’m also very curious about the “Action Pending” notebook you have. I understand it at face value, but you didn’t go into much detail about the purpose of that notebook and the flow of items in/out of the notebook. Is it that task for the current day make it into “Action Pending” if they don’t get into “Creatomic” or “Speedlancer” or is this notebook independent?

One last note, your “people time” approach is such a great way to keep real-time meetings focused and to the point. I recently started using Calendly and after reading your post I realize I need to go back and adjust my availability!

I know you are an extremely busy man, especially after reading this post (haha), but I would love to pick your brain some time. If you would be up for this, or have time, I would love to email you to discuss it further.

Thanks so much Jon!

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