Screw it — I’m restarting 2017

Wait is it Jan 29th already? It’s practically Feb! Why is this year flying by?!

2016 was rough. Brexit. Trump. Prince. Leonard Cohen. Terror attacks. Zika. Syria. Police Shootings. Even Google knows how to appropriately autofill after the prompt ‘Why 2016’. The last 3 months I’ve been filled with so much anger, frustration, sense of powerless, and general confusion about myself and the world. And I couldn’t wait for a fresh start to 2017.

2017 has come but I think I brought a lot of baggage from 2016 into it. And for the most part I feel like I’m barely holding on. There have been unexpected family developments that landed one of us in the emergency ward, a difficult house move, a lot of ambiguity around what I’m doing professionally, and for some reason I’m in Mumbai speaking to 15000 students on my 2nd international trip this month when I swore I’d travel less this year.

And I know I’m not the only who feels rushed and pushed and hurried.

So, what are we going to do about it?

Well the madness ends now! I am committed to reclaiming 2017 and you should to.

This last weekend of January I reflected on just three simple things that I am going to put into action from February 1st. Yep, Feb 1st is the official start of 2017 for me.

1. The One Thing

Many live life in auto-pilot carrying over the same tasks, the same behaviors, the same attitudes, the same perspectives, the same fears, the same EVERYTHING from one year into the other. Ideally you and I would have a hard look at life and audit everything that we do and think in order to dig deep into our true motivations and values. And then make some changes. But if you can’t do that, find the ONE THING that you choose to change about yourself this year. One thing that you will NOT carry over from 2016 and that will mark a new chapter in your life starting now. For me, I’ve decided I’m going to write more and commit to at least 1 public blog a week. This is the start of my one thing.

2. The One Word

My buddy Dustyn shared with me how over a weekend of reflection he felt God give him a word for the year — Thrive. Another couple yesterday shared with me that the word they got for the year was Sprout. Whether you are religious or not, take some time out to reflect on what is going to be your ONE WORD for the year. What’s the one word that will focus your attention? That will help you make good decisions for your life? That will encourage you during the hard seasons that 2017 will undoubtedly bring along? For me, my word is presence. I want to be less hurried and more intentional; I want to be present. I no more want to be known as ‘busy’ but rather present. And I don’t want to just be present with my own thoughts and ambitions. I want to seek and feel God’s presence in my everyday life too.

3. The One Story

Sometimes the best way to start is to consider the finish line. Imagine it’s Christmas 2017 and you are surrounded by the people you love and reflecting on the year gone by, what’s ONE STORY about your life you’d be excited to share about? This one story can be about an experience, an accomplishment, a person, a goal or anything else you can think of. Now that you’ve got your story, work backwards. Set achievable goals and steps to take week on week, month on month, so that at the end of the year you and your friends can share your one story together. For me, I want to create a new band and release atleast 2 singles.

Now is the best time to start. Sure maybe January was a blur but over the next 24 hours take just 30 minutes out to sit with your thoughts and reflect on what your one thing, one word and one story will be for 2017. And if accountability will help, comment below what those 3 things are for you! Happy New Year everybody!