Senator Kamala Harris Endorsement

I just had to share the email that I’ve received of Senator Kamala Harris speaking highly of Mark Herring.

If you live in Virginia, get out the vote on November 7th for Mark Herring, Justin Fairfax and Ralph Northam!

Senator Kamala Harris, D-California

Friends: If I learned anything from my years working with Mark as a fellow state Attorney General, it’s that he will never stop fighting for the people of Virginia. But today, I need you to fight for him, too.

There’s a reason GOP mega-donors ha​ve​ already spent $1.8 million attacking his ticket — and that’s because Mark has fearlessly, relentlessly fought back against Trump these past eight months.

But Mark won by just 907 votes in 2013 — and recent polling revealed that this race is neck and neck. So Friends, before I go on, I need you to give $5 right now to re-elect Mark and keep the GOP from winning back this seat in November:

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As a former Attorney General, I know how important it is to have the right person in that office.

Attorneys General are our front line of defense against the Trump administration’s most dangerous actions — and we cannot afford to lose a single Democratic AG if we want to stop their attempts to roll back our hard-earned rights in the years ahead.

Simply put, there are few races more important in 2017 than Mark Herring’s. Mark has worked night and day to hold this administration accountable at every turn.

On the flip side, Mark’s opponent embodies the hopes and dreams of the far right. One of the Hobby Lobby lawyers who fought to deny women access to birth control, John Adams believes abortion should be illegal in ALL cases. And it’s clear that he would not stand up for the most voiceless and vulnerable communities.

But Friends, this election could come down to just a handful of votes, so Mark needs us to pour our hearts into this fight — and Democrats nationwide are counting on VA to eke out this win. In a race this close, EVERY dollar matters, so please, give $5 before midnight to re-elect Mark.

Kamala D. Harris
 U.S. Senator, California

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