18 Easy Steps to Taking Photos and Videos for Instagram at Events

The Main Event “Instagram V Facebook” — by Dave Murphy

I am really lucky, I get to do two of my favourite things in my professional life; photography and social media.

Instagram is really an amazing platform for business.

When it comes to business events it’s really important to be prepared to get the most out of the event. It doesn’t matter if it is your own company event or a third party event. Following all of the 18 easy steps to taking photos and videos for your Instagram channel at events, will deliver a tonne of really good content that you can share live from the event and for days/weeks after the event on your Instagram page.

Step — by Dave Murphy

18 Steps for Instagram at Events

  1. Get to the event early and scout the environment. Look for engaging locations, look for interesting places, compositions and unique backdrops.
  2. Set the scene by judging your subject, find out their field of business and take a photo that showcases their personality, interests, and enthusiasm; show action, attitude, or play, this can be achieved while standing, jumping, or sitting.
  3. Engage with the person you are going to shoot. This will help most people relax and will keep your subject at ease. Try getting them to say “Pizza” this will make them smile and move their face to a positive expression. Believe it or not saying this word makes you smile (even if you don’t like pizza!)
  4. Avoid event backdrops with corporate or event branding, logos and dates.
  5. Light it. Use natural light if possible by taking the shot near a window. Use the lighting at the event. Go outside if necessary. Make sure your subjects face is well lit.
  6. Walk with your subject around, if you want to take multiple photos of your subjects at the event. This will give you multiple backdrops. This also helps if you want to use all the functions of Instagram; Photo, Video, Story and Boomerang.
  7. Make sure to get your subject to remove the event lanyard and badges; this will prevent dating your photo or video. Be nice; hold/mind their bag or laptop.
  8. Get a quote. Ask them why they do what they do, what they set up their business. Use your Voice Memo App or similar sound recording app to get the quote; much easier than a pen and paper.
  9. If your company has produced a release form, make sure you get a signed release form from anyone identifiable in the picture; particularly the person you are shooting.
  10. Always get their Instagram handle, if they have one. It helps massively for engagement of posts.
  11. Get the address of their business, so we can geotag their business location when you post the photo or video.
  12. Use the Carousel Feature — compile all the shots you get in one day, up to 10 images at a time and post them with the carousel feature. Make sure you tag each person featured in the carousel with their handle
  13. Use Instagram Stories to build engagement on your channel for your event
  14. Use Boomerang. Take advantage of the boomerang to show a different side you brand personality. Having fun shows your customers that there are people, real humans, behind your business
  15. Use FocalMark to get the best hashtags — https://focalmark.com/ for Web, iOS and Android Apps.
  16. Reply and respond to comments. It shouldn’t take too much time but allocate 10–30 minutes to reply to comments.
  17. Like for like. Like back posts from people who have liked your posts. It’s a norm on Instagram and shouldn’t take more than 10–15 minutes. Obviously, use your common sense and like posts that reflect your brand ethics.
  18. Enjoy the event and have fun.

I am preparing to implement these 18 easy steps for Sage Summit London, April 5–6. Let know how you get on at your next event with these easy steps to get the most out of Instagram for an event in the comments below.

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