Doing the hard thing is simple but not easy.

I had a teacher in high school that asked me if I thought the task was hard. I told her, “No. It was simple.”

To this day I remember the conversation. I have turned the conversation over and over again. What I realized was the solution to the project had simple steps but a lot of them.

She asked me if the task was hard. I said no because the solution was simple. She was questioning if the cost of the solution in terms of time and energy was too much. Was it hard for me to implement the solution given the time and energy it would take?

Looking back on that conversation, I know realize that most people know the hard thing is simple. But it is hard too. Doing the right thing is simple. It is also hard.

The steps are easy to understand, but they are hard to take. 
Anything of value is that way.

Getting married is simple. Being married is hard.
Making kids is simple. Being parents is hard.
Having dreams is simple. Living them is hard.

When I look back on that conversation, I realize that I sometimes made my life more difficult because I took the easy way. If I had taken the harder way, my life would be much simpler now.

I also know the same choice is ahead of me:

Will I choose the simple hard way or the easy, difficult way?
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