I wish when I was younger, someone told me the future world I would live in. I wish they had told me to be unapologetic. To never discount myself with an apology, but to inspire to find more like myself. Because in 2018, everyone should be unapologetic.

We should be unapologetic in caring about issues those before us did not care for so issues drowned in debate are resolved. We should unapologetically create, not dream but create so that we live in a world of beautiful art. Unapologetically execute ideas, passions. Unapologetically build bridges, blaze trails, repair relationships so generations after ya can take the express way to progress. We should unapologetically embrace the weird, unknown and diverse so that we can learn more as humans were the same and be less fearful of our differences. Unapologetically listen, reach out and love so that no one is left behind, no one is left in the dark.

Save our apologies for what they should be, when we hurt others. Progress isn’t hurt, being cruel is. Apologize only when your actions come at the cost of someone else’s feelings.

Don’t apologize for being who you are.

Be unapologetic.