Hi Avenir, we spoke to a range of groups and the idea of the mini plan was to give folks enough of…
Isaak Dury

Isaak, your sincerity regarding the the business imperative to implement *some* change is beyond question here. (I am surprised however that the revenue model of encouraging larger club memberships and benefiting from the payment gateway margins is not sufficient. Perhaps TidyHQ is used for fewer paid memberships than hoped — which is the core issue here).

My point regarding a free tier of 50 is that it is not (IMO) a genuinely usable tier. 250–300 is usable and probably reflects the level of club/org than could justify the monthly charge to grow further.

Implementing a free tier of 50 members may simply be a kind of filter; a method of dissuading the 98% who will never pay from using the platform at all. It’s difficult to interpret it in a less cynical (albeit commercially justified)way.

Ethical business is hard but it starts with calling a spade a spade :)

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