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6 useful tips to consider and remember if you want to start your own PR brand from Ronke Lawal of Ariatu PR and Marielle Legair of Women Who Influence.

Entrepreneurship is about recognising, exploiting opportunities, innovate and create change motivation for female entrepreneurs are linked to ‘strict and bureaucratic corporate environments that deeply contributes to push[ing] women towards an independent start-up, allowing both greater wealth and flexibility (Chamorro-Premuzic et al., 2014 p.2). For Black women and PR practitioners whose…

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BWPR interviewed women working in PR about their experiences as practitioners and were asked to share their thoughts on how young black women could be encouraged to choose PR as a career. Here’s what they said:

“Creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. For anybody to succeed in the industry going forward, those are the three critical skills that they need to come in with. I’m not sure if studying PR as this standalone thing will be very useful.” — Nelisa Ngqulana, PR Trends ZA

“I think…


PR Strategist and Culture Creative in practice

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