Benefits of Minimalism

As a designer, I’ve always appreciated the power simplicity, and minimalism has on my designs. However, it wasn’t until recently that I began to realize how I can use minimalism to strengthen my life.

Let me break down why practicing minimalism in both design and life has been so beneficial for me, especially the older I get.

Minimalism In Design:

  • The simplest ideas often communicate the quickest.
  • The most focused solutions are the easiest to build, maintain and update.
  • Simplicity in design can have cheaper implementation and maintenance costs.
  • It’s hard to achieve, but once you do, it’s loved by all.
  • Simple solutions are more thoughtful and can be used longer.
  • Simplicity makes project management easier.

Minimalism In Life:

  • Minimalism is less stressful. You always know what you own, use and need at all times.
  • The less visual clutter you have in their life, the less mental clutter you have. This frees your mind to be more creative.
  • You gain more time because you’re spending less time maintaining your complicated life and juggling things.
  • You can live a more meaningful life by focussing on the present and not worrying too much about what you don’t own or what you could be missing out on.
  • Managing life’s complexities and making big decisions is easier since you have a clear set of goals.
  • You save money.


Since embarking on a complete minimalistic lifestyle in early fall of 2017, it hasn’t taken me long to recognize the value it can provide my life and family. It’s full of the same benefits that have made my designs better over the years.

Minimalism allows me to be more mindful and present in the decisions I make.

To me, minimalism gives me a framework for how I minimize waste. Whether that’s design waste, environmental waste or purchasing waste. Minimalism allows me to be more mindful and present in the decisions I make. I set goals and question my design and buying decisions by determining how much value it will add to my projector life if I add or remove it. It helps me and my ideas stay focussed, lean and free of clutter.

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