Ready, Set, Blog!

Blogging is not as easy to do as it is to say. Sometimes not as much fun either. I avoided blogging forever because I was constantly overthinking it. What should I write about? How long should it be? I don’t have time to do research. What if nobody reads it. What if everyone reads it!

Rule number one; there are no rules. Moral code and writing style are yours to define. What should you blog about? Anything you want. To get started pick a topic of personal knowledge, so you can reference it from your own mental library. Keep it interesting by using personal stories and opinions. Not everything has to be hard facts. Facts are easily discoverable across the entire World Wide Web. But your own personal story well that’s one in a million.

Have you ever read an entire book in a day? How about a Facebook rant? Those are the length requirements for blogging. Your blog is as long as the story. Or message you’re trying share. Now I will say, less is usually more but there are no official limitations. Again keep it interesting. If you’ve got a lot to say on a subject, try breaking it up much like chapters in a book. Heres a trick, read a few blogs and keep track of how you remain interested. This will give you a good idea of length.

Mommy blogs are one of the most popular blog topics. Why? Because they come from personal experiences and stories, while offering sound advice. If you don’t have time to do research on your subject matter, start with something you know. Like blogs about pets or daily life activities. For example, you could share an encounter you had while taking a bus through downtown San Francisco. Or write about your activist outreach efforts. Don’t wait for the perfect idea, just keep it simple.

My first blog ever had one reader. Me. Blogs are like whispers in the air they don’t always get picked up. And that’s okay for now. Unless you are blogging to promote your business or brand then don’t worry about the numbers. Do it for yourself! Most people are afraid of the millions of people that will see there blog when they hit publish. That’s like being afraid you’ll walk into a grocery store and be the 100th customer/grand prize winner. Not to downplay the possibility of popularity but chances are slim you’ll hit big numbers out the gate. Quit stalling and start blogging today.

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