Amena Capital Ltd CEO Robert Georges
Amena Capital

Hi there !
I am Edda , News Reporter at WSJ . You gotta Into the news ….

…..and I found you are trying to protect your online reputations by filing a Fake DMCA notice ?

we are investigating further with web activism who revealed report on fake DMCA Take down notices .

We Searched for the Global Feminism Inc , A Fake Corp which never Exist , Global Feminism Inc has Filed a DMCA Notice on Google Search Networks so-forth the original article has been removed from the Google Search .

We have closely analyzed the case and we are soon planing to expose it some how on our sisters website or on WSJ .

Fake News Website Create By Fake Corp Global Feminism Inc

Please let me know your thought on this .

Sources : Web Activism , Lumen Database

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