Choosing your path to happiness

I assume that most of us are looking for happiness. Most people seem to be looking for it.

But, what is happiness? and… how do we get there?

I guess everyone has a very different idea of what happiness is, for you it might be to party like crazy. For some other it might be to read a good book while having coffee. For some other it might be to achieve some important goal.

A lot of us believe that happiness is heavily tied to the decisions we make, I used to believe that. But nope, that’s not the case (according to me).

Real happiness lies in how you react to whatever happens. Things rarely go the way you want or plan. When you make decisions you are more or less gambling, and what happens has a lot to do with chance.

Of course you can influence the outcome, but your happiness shouldn’t be tied to it.

You don’t know if tomorrow will bring lots of problems, in a blink of a cosmic clock that thing that you’ve been working on for ages could go a little “caca”.

Accidents, diseases, and plain bad luck happens. You can’t depend on everything going right to be happy.

What is happiness? To me, it is just enjoying whatever happens. Don’t give up even if things don’t go as planned.

And whenever you are not happy, just change your mental path.