The falsehood of our perception

Each person in this planet has a world of their own.

Each world depends in our senses and our previous experiences.

And having a world perception is very important. It’s what helps us move forward and enjoy, suffer learn and decide. We need a perception to survive in the world. But it’s very easy to forget how incomplete and likely wrong that world view is, so we tend to think that it is the one and only truth.

If we live like that we are deprived of all the other worlds around us. Each person has a unique world view, by talking to them we can explore a whole new world. And I believe that you can never really understand somebody else’s world, so theres an infinity you can learn from people around you.

It seems to me that its easy for humans to believe in their senses and previous experiences over all other things. This makes us vulnerable to our prejudices, our flawed opinions and even to manipulation.

When we choose to “claim our independence” from immigrants, when we choose to build walls, when we choose to judge other people because they have different preferences or beliefs, when we criticize our coworkers not their ideas or opinions, when we bully someone just because they are different; then we are choosing to NOT value other perceptions and to believe our perception above all.

Think about it, we do it a lot.

I would love to see a world, where we try our hardest to value and understand every opinion, a world where we try our best to listen before speaking or judging.

The sad thing is, I don’t really believe it will happen.