Day #4 of writing my book

The working title is Journey to $1 Million — an obvious play off of the name of my daily podcast, Journey to $100 Million.

The concept of the book is to chronicle my entrepreneurial lessons learned from growing my agency up to, and now beyond, $1 million per year in revenue.

We’ve all heard the term that the first million is the hardest. In fact, 96% of businesses never reach that mark. They either linger in limbo forever, are they outright fail first.

Joining the 4% club (reaching $1M in revenue) means you’ve done something 24 out of 25 and your peers could not do. There are massive lessons you learned from starting, running, and scaling your business to that level.

Up until yesterday, I was concerned about writing too much about myself and my experiences. What would be the value add to you, the reader?

In writing this morning, I found my way.

I began to pepper in lessons learned callouts into each story. Similar to how authors inject use cases into a chapter.

I will document my entrepreneurial stories in chronological order. With each story I tell, there will be at least one lesson learned that the reader can immediately apply to his or her situation and their entrepreneurial journey.

In retrospect, this strategy of communicating is not new for me. I host a daily podcast where the format is to tell a business story (usually one when I screwed up), highlight the lessons learned, and recommend how someone else in this situation can apply that lesson.

I’ve been podcasting for a year now. I’m surprised that this format was not something I thought of before. For the past four days since starting to write this book, I’ve had anxiety about how to communicate to readers. That anxiety dissolved with the realization that I don’t necessarily need to create a new style of communication for the book writing than for podcasting than for any other storytelling.

I am now reinvigorated and eager the document all of these entrepreneurial stories that have happened since my teenage years. Looking at them now through the lens of what lessons have been learned is eye-opening, and shocking.

As an example, I experienced the benefit of reoccuring revenue when I shoveled snow in the winters. When I cut grass in the summer, I was exposed to the power of recurring revenue, at least for the summer.

Had I been aware of the revenue models I was experiencing at the time, I would have appreciated them much more and taken those less to heart much earlier in life.

I blew the opportunity to recognize how special the moments were when I was in them. That is the kind of lesson that I want underlying the entire book.

My goal is to tell all these stories in 50 to 60 thousand words and have them written in draft form by the end of this month. December is a very slow period of time for us since the business world shuts down for the holidays. This is the perfect time to write. Bring it on, #5amwritersclub!

~ Erik

Written by

Digital marketer. Founder & CEO of Array Digital. Host of Journey to $100 Million Flash Briefing and podcast. Organizer of the Marketer Anonymous meetups.

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