The woes of a beginner part one

Life after university was optimistic for me and i really had high hopes and unbelievable expectations . I came out of school with everyone expecting me to excel just because i was a coding rock-star. As soon as i graduated from the university the jobs started rolling in, the interviews came, salary negotiations happened , my dad was happy mom was excited. Things were working out as i expected suddenly a mindset kicked in me. The mindset that whispers to you “you need to become better, as a developer your skills are mediocre“. Hello battles of the mind, i started having serious internal battles. I turned down all the job opportunities and i canceled every other ongoing negotiations.

The Beginner’s woes starts , i should have really pondered on my decision before i set out on this path. I never used to really ponder about my decision but one thing this journey has thought me is to ponder on all things and have a really good reason why i am doing anything. The beginner’s woes thought me to really consider things before i jump into them. This process thought me to ask myself questions about a particular task or thing for example why am i learning the laravel framework, why angular, what is ionic, how fast is ionic, who is developing with angular, what can i do with laravel. This questions assists our decision making process, especially for a beginner who likes and is interested in everything and trust me with the ecosystem of frameworks out there you might be really interested in all of them. Think twice and make decisions you are happy with. Please this is my first try at writing pardon any typos.