Effective immediately: using GameFor for your Groups and Clubs, including Custom Locations, is now completely free!

Lead Designer, Adam Loper, giving an interview for Giga-Bites Cafe from Marietta, GA, USA at Origins 2018

Following feedback we have received from several interested groups, in-depth internal team discussions, and a review of how best to support the growth of the app, we have decided to remove the requirement for Groups and Clubs to pay a subscription fee to use the GameFor platform. The ability to create and verify Custom Locations, have more than ten members, and public display of public events will not be going away — they will just now be free to all Groups and Clubs.

All subscription costs have already been reduced to $0 and we have begun the process to issue refunds to all of our early adopters. We will be updating our systems over the next week to completely remove the Groups and Clubs subscription interfaces from our apps.

Why are we doing this? Initially, we had planned to provide support for the costs of running and expanding GameFor with a premium subscription model. As with any new application, we were unsure of the reception we would receive from the community about running ads, and felt that direct subscriptions may make more sense. However, we found that the cost was providing a barrier to entry for many groups, and therefore reducing the growth and impact of GameFor. Many smaller gaming groups simply do not have the funds or the luxury of being able to afford a monthly subscription. Most people we spoke to about the cost agreed that as long as we were not using personal information to direct our advertisement, and that the ads were relevant to tabletop gaming as a whole, that this was preferred over any subscription cost. Rest assured, our goal with any advertisement on GameFor will be to make sure that it is relevant based on the content you are viewing, and that any ads will be done without reducing the usability that you have come to expect in the app.

But what if I don’t want ads? We are already contemplating adding a premium support subscription to the application to remove advertisements on an individual basis. This will allow those with the means to support the application a method to directly contribute to the growth and upkeep of the platform, but will grant GameFor the greatest reach to help support all tabletop gamers. Part of our discussions are how closely we can tie this feature into the release of our advertising model. Right now, we have no firm dates or pricing. If this is something that may interest you, please stay tuned for more information!

Thank you, again, from all of us here at GameFor for continuing to believe in us and helping us to provide a platform to grow your local tabletop community.

The Entire GameFor Staff