A long-winded narrative to promote mental health awareness

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I’ve already been feeling down the past few days. Friday night was the cherry on top. I received a call that uprooted me. Everything seemed pointless now. I cried and spiraled for several painful minutes. Then I got hungry, so I had dinner and a movie. About halfway through, I cried again. I balled my eyes out until there was nothing left to do but sleep. I would’ve cried myself to sleep too, except I was too tired from my prior crying. I was a mess.

The next day, I willed myself to get up early and start one of…

The story of a quarter-life crisis

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If you’re looking for something sensational then I suggest you look elsewhere.

“What are you talking about?” my friend scolded me.

I had just told her how melancholic I felt that she turned 30, and soon I would too.

“You’re only turning 29!”

I very much doubted her. I punched the numbers in the calculator, 29. I doubted that too.

When 2020 rolled out I strongly believed I was turning 30 in March. Not that this was the focal point of my internal struggle, but it played a role.

You see, my life was not terrible. All things considered, I…

5 pitfalls writers need to overcome or at least pretend to

I discovered my passion for writing only towards my late teens.

It started in my high school literature class. Mr. L, who taught the class, was one of my favorite teachers. Although most students perceived his teaching style to be as eccentric as his personality, I thought it was well-fitted.

While we were used to powerpoints and handouts, basically being spoon-fed, he held discussions. Specifics of the piece — such as the protagonist or setting — were discussed as normal. But he focused on asking compelling questions that went beyond the who or the where. He pushed students to find…

My 3-item, 4-step plan to make it happen

Fair warning, there will be Psychology references and one potentially questionable experiment on a person. Not to worry, that person is me. When I start to feel like my human rights are violated, I’ll be the first to report myself to Human Rights Watch.

In case you haven’t read it, my first article, Writing Should Not Feel Daunting, dealt primarily with writer’s block.

This time, I’m going to focus on productivity. See, when it comes to writing, I have my moods.

Alas, my passion, albeit strong, is often defeated by my nature to fall prey to temptations of my Id.

Five tips on what you can do about it

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Have you ever had a million and one topics to write about but zero words written after three months of thinking about it?

Whether you’re doing it for fun, to hone your craft, or to try to make a living out of it, writing should not cause your hands to cripple with fear.

As with any other craft, although some people appear to have innate talent to weave words in such a way that would make humanity’s heart cry, writing is a learned skill. Thus, you shouldn’t feel wary that it’s not going to turn out well. …

Hanna Garcia

Writer | Amateur baker | Psychology enthusiast

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