What were people searching on Google 5 years ago?

This is a short post with the aim of educating you the reader about what happened 5 years ago.

You might be thinking you know everything but you would be surprised how fast time passes and what you thought happened only yesterday was actually 5 years ago.

To assist me I will be using Google trends. This is a website which lets you analyse trends in search and also compare terms to see differences in search patterns.

The way this will work is that you will have 4 options. It’s your job to write your answer down as a,b,c or d. The answers will be at the bottom of the page. Comment you score to see who did the best!

Good Luck!

(British searches)

Question 1: Which City was searched the most on Google maps?

a) London

b) San Fransisco

c) Paris

d) Mumbai

Question 2: What was the most searched term on Google Images?

a) Justin Bieber

b) One direction

c) Facebook

d) The London Eye

Question 3: What was the most search term in Google News?

a) Hurricane Sandy

b) Euro 2012

c) Olympics

d) Eurovision 2012

(Global searches)

Question 4: What was the most searched feature film?

a) James Bond: Skyfall

b) The Avengers

c) Magic Mike

d) The Hunger games

Question 5: What was the most searched Airline?

a) British Airways

b) Air france

c) Southwest airlines

d) Delta Airlines

Question 6: Who was the most searched Athlete?

a) Jeremy Lin

b) Michael Phelps

c) Peyton Manning

d) Lionel Messi

Question 7: What was the most searched consumer electronics device?

a) iPad Mini

b) iPad 3

c)Nexus 7

d) Samsung Galaxy S3

(American searches)

Question 8: Which end phrase was most popular after the words ‘How to ……’

a) Install

b) Rock

c) Love

d) Vote

Question 9: What was the most searched travel destinations by Americans in 2012?

a) Paris

b) Toronto

c) Vancouver

d) New Mexico

Question 10: In the United States which sport was the most searched?

a) Football

b) Soccer

c) Basketball

d) Baseball

How do you think you did?

Lets find out.


1- a, 2- c, 3- b, 4- d, 5- c, 6- a, 7- b, 8- c, 9- b, 10- a

Now that you know how you did why don’t you comment your score below and see how you did?

Thanks for Playing.

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