Identifying political bot/troll social media activity using machine learning

What you’ve done here is very impressive. Thank you for creating this great resource.

I was wondering if there’s a way I can invoke your service via an HTML POST, rather than using the web page form, i.e.

The reason I’m asking: I would like to create an Android script (using Tasker and Autovoice) that would allow me to copy a Twitter username to the clipboard, and call your service via spoken text, e.g. "OK Google, Twitter bot check." The script would then read the username from the clipboard, pass it to your service, parse the response, and speak back the result.

I tried to figure this out on my own by using Firefox’s debugger to analyze what happens when the Submit button is pressed. I did find a couple of POST’s, but nothing scriptable. My sense is that this won’t be possible, but I’m a complete web technology novice, so who knows? ☺

Thanks very much!

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