Serves You Right.

Mar 20, 2019 · 1 min read
Photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash

Revenge is a dish best prepared lovingly over a hot stove.

It requires a lifetime of



Evaluating, and

Adding, of suitable flavours.

It is a special recipe that cannot be rushed. Take your time.

Keep watch. Don’t let it burn or boil. You’ll ruin the flavour.

Once ready, let cool.

Serve a little time in the interim.

Hors d’oeuvre?

Now look. A cold dish. Very cold. Super super duper duper cold. So cold that it is an ice age away. Hell has frozen over. Until she hath no fury (so you think).

All quiet on the Western Front. Done and dusted. The fat lady has left the building. Everyone has gone home.

Not me.

I’m just

getting ready to plate up.

Slice, mete, cut, deliver.

Too cold, some might say.


For you.

I say, it’s well deserved.

Revenge is a dish that is best preserved.



Written by


Experimental memoir, poetry, madness, magic.

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