Museo ng Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Metropolitan Museum

Went to the Metropolitan Museum last June 11, 2016 (Saturday)

  • The Tapas and The Bodegones Exhibit

Tapas in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries refers to the food prepared and served in small portions. The exhibit is divided into three sections. The Kitchen, Table and Food. In The Kitchen you can see the different tools that they use. I was surprise because I didn’t expected that there are lots of tools that they use to prepare food. There are also lots of tools that they use to put the food into. In The Table section you can see the different table settings that they usually use. There are lots of plates and dining utensils displayed. I was amazed with one of the Dining table displayed in the exhibit.

RS#2 dining table

RS#2 dining table is a table-soccer table and it is a spectacular interpretation of a classic element of Spanish culture.

The Meal section is all about the foods in Spain. There are lots of foods that I didn’t expected that is from Spain. One example is the popular lollipop “Chupa-Chups” .

Chupa Chups

I can relate the Spanish culture to the Filipino culture of food as highlighted in Bodegones and Tapas in the sense that the Filipino culture of food is very vast and meticulous. The Spanish people uses different types of flavor and they tend to experiment with a lot of stuff and often times, it lead to a new breakthrough when it comes to food. Both cultures also love their spices and they have their own way of cooking and preparing food as highlighted by the different tools present in the exhibit.

  • The Philippine Contemporary Art
    The Philippine Contemporary Art are artworks that are created by artist by 21st century. They usually convey different meaning and they come in different forms. They usually tackle society in different issues.
From the series: The Gangs of Don Bosco

From the series: The Gangs of Don Bosco
This art shows that because of the poverty, some people risk their lives and do different kinds of crimes because of their family is in poverty. They can do everything for their family even if they know that they can go to jail.

Ang mananahi ng buhay at ang makinang na makina

Ang mananahi ng buhay at ang makinang na makina
This art shows that the artist used thread to make this piece. We can see that he used it to show the people that even in just using a thread we can make an art. This piece is my favorite in the exhibit because I was really amazed when I saw it. It really shows the title (“ Ang mananahi ng buhay at ang makinang na makina”) in this piece when you look at it.

Unfold Series

Unfold series
This art shows a sentimental value. I can say that by looking at these arts you can see that the artist show the different dress and clothes that have been used by her and other member of her family in her early life.

  • the Gold and Pottery

Sadly, the Gold and Pottery section is unvailable because it is under renovation.

Difference of Metropolitan Museum from National Museum and How was my visiting experience?
My visit to Metropolitan was pretty nice. The place was spacious and the museum has a very peaceful mood. The museum has a lot less artworks displayed compared to the National Museum. The Metropolitan Museum have many pieces from unknown artist unlike the National Museum which has a lot of pieces from famous artist. Also, the Met museum featured a lot more contemporary art. Their collection of contemporary art was very vast and it ranges from different mediums. Overall, the Metropolitan Museum gave me a new perspective on what artworks a museum should contain as well as how I can appreciate contemporary art.

Other pictures from the museum

Big cooking pans!! for Paella?
Displaced Earth: Climate Refugees of the Philippines

Really touched with this piece!!!

Spanish Foods!!


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