Having No Life Is the New Aspirational Lifestyle
Thrive Global

While everyone is different, I have found personally that the truly important things in life (relationships, growth, creativity, spirituality, etc.) rarely scream at you for attention. Instead, they patiently wait for you to notice and nurture them. Even if we are lucky enough to have the awareness that these things need attending to, it can take years before we see the benefits of the time invested in them (especially things like parenting).

On the other hand, working hard and working long hours can strangely provide more of a sense of immediate gratification. Long hours spent on a project at work can lead to recognition from you boss and peers, awards, bonuses, and promotions. We see and reap the benefits of our busyness with a bit more immediacy. It can be addictive, but is terribly short-sighted, and far too often comes at the expense of those things that truly matter.

I hope this doesn’t become our cultural norm, because we will have a bunch of busy young and middle-aged folks, and far too many people in the twilight of their lives regretting the way the spent their valuable time on earth.

Well, back to work ;)

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