I was sick

Week #004 — The Herbata Journey

Hey everybody! I hope you had a really great Christmas & New Years & Whatever else you celebrated over the last few weeks.

Following suit of Week #003, this post is a week late. I’ll be posting week 5 this weekend. In fact, I may shift when I write these and when these come out that it’s easier for me to not miss the release dates anymore. Sunday nights may become the new target rather than Friday nights.

I’m honestly not sure anymore what happened two weeks ago. I slept, worked on the website, hung out with my family, ate delicious food, and got sick.

Two weeks later and I’m still sick… ah! Finally starting to bounce back. On the bright side, it gives me something to blame for this post going up so late.

Story of the Week

I should rename this to drama of the week. After one of our tea picks being out of stock, our tea is about 5 days lates right now. It was held up at the border for a few days. Thankfully, it should be here in the next two days once the holidays are officially over!

We’re super excited to get this first box out to everyone who supported us in this first month! :) If you’re one of those people, thank you!! :)

PS, the above I wrote 5 days ago. The tea arrived and the boxes are shipped, but that’s a story for this weekend’s post!

That’s all for Week 004. I’m excited for what 2017 brings.

Happy 2017 everyone!

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