Week #003

The Herbata Journey

I originally wrote this on December 23, but I took the weekend off and spent time with the family. Therefore, this is coming out today. Week #004 will come out ideally Friday! :)

Tis’ the season to be jolly, falalala la la la!

How’s it going guys? How was your week?

In the last seven days the team got some awesome things done, ran into a hurdle, jumped it with grace, and had our heads down managing our day jobs with our Herbata responsibilities.

Story of the Week

Last sunday we all got together and shot our first video for Herbata subscribers. I’ve posted some behind the scenes of that on my Instagram Stories & my Snapchat. Mike worked his cinematic magic and we filmed some super awesome things.

Yesterday we got notice from one of our tea suppliers that they were out of stock of one of the four teas for our January box. Heartbreaking… :( Fortunately we had a backup plan for the teas and sampled more incase of an unforeseen circumstance and we able to gracefully swap out that tea without any sacrifice.

However, unfortunately we weren’t able to shoot footage for the replacement tea. Because quality is super important to us, we’re not able to launch our first subscriber video in the format we imagined. Luckily we’re creative and are finding ways to still provide a valuable video on time.

Announcement of the Week

The 15% Off on the Three Month Gift Subscription is ending next week on New Year’s Day so hurry if you want to experience everything we have planned over the rest of winter and the beginning of the spring! :)

Thought of the Week

This is beginning to become a routine topic for me, but it’s so important and continually manifests itself for me over various ways; Focus on shit that actually matters. I’ve been deeply focused and working on re-launching a new Herbata website by moving away from Shopify and onto our own system for a few reasons: cost, flexibility, customer-experience.

Without getting too technical, after a conversation with my friend, Clayton Ray, I discovered that most of the work I had planned out for myself was actually useless and would have resulted in over-engineering.

Focus on what matters and do the work that has to get done, not just the work you want to do.

Merry Christmas, guys! I wish you all health & happiness. :)

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