And I’m starting a publication on Medium…

A little fear was slightly pinching me inside: “ …will you be able to feed the publication constantly? What if you don’t find any inspiration? Are you sure you’re ready to start this?… ” . Then I remembered a quote I saw for the first time on the laptop of a friend of mine some years ago: “ Don’t wait for the perfect moment ; take the moment and make it perfect ”. Also, a yearning desire of doing it anyway was pushing me…

Yes! I will do it anyway! I may not be able to publish every single day but I will definitely make some efforts like at the moment this post is being written. I’m sitting on my table, underpants remaining after taking off my office attire, toothbrush in my mouth and pen on paper.

Actually, I deeply believe that everyday of life is a story, and stories exist to be told. So, there is normally no reason anyone can’t relate their stories. There should always be something to share. And as a lover of quotes, I think that the following one, picked among my most favorites, is very appropriate here: “Your life is your message to the world ; make sure it’s inspiring ”.

Can anyone help me find the author of this bright line, please? It’s so true!

#Everyday is a story

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