Every Day I’m Shufflin’

Disclaimer — You don’t need to read it. This post is just an experiment. I just picked up the laptop and started writing everything that came into my mind. I did not even edit it. It covers the train of my thoughts as they move from my childhood memories to my future aspirations. If you want to spend next 5 minutes of your precious time on this effortless post where I pour out my heart then read on, and if you find anything interesting, let me know.

I remember the days when we would be super jobless in homes. I had no cable connection, just a TV set and a DVD player. My friends would come over with their pen drive and movies in it because seriously I didn’t even have an internet lest a computer.

Many a times, one of my best friends, Sanket, would bring his pen drive filled with amazing songs. He was my only source of good music as I had no idea what went on in the world outside.

One of those songs was the song by a band that’s pretty much forgotten now (much like all the other amazing bands from our childhood) called LMFAO. That band was really ahead of its time. It received a lot of traction during its early days. They had these wacky videos, funny lyrics, and a bunch of vulgarities.

“I’m sexy and I know it!” was one of their most famous songs. It was so catchy and had a beat to it that you’d keep on humming.

It made me really sad when I realized that this group of individuals had disappeared from the world, or more precisely, I hadn’t heard about them in a long time. Not explicitly, no.

This bunch of people were really amazing and thinking about them reminds me of all the amazing and fun things we used to do as kids. We would watch movies, make pop corn, have soda, all during our summer vacations.

And although this wasn’t a lot many years ago, it feels like it was an entirely different life. I’m not here to whine about the age old “where did I lose my childhood”. My current life is interesting too. I make money. Not a lot, but at least I’m not dependent on my parents who anyways didn’t have money at that time to spare me. But they still did.

I have my weekends, and I have my friends too. I have a lot more resources for my entertainment, but so do my friends. There’s not much adversity left regarding the entertainment resources.

We have our phones with 4G connections, we have our laptops with blazing broadband connection speeds. When I think about watching a movie with my friends, the first thing that comes to my mind is that we don’t have similar tastes in movies. Four different people with four extremely opposite tastes.

But then I wonder, how in the hell did we spend so many afternoons together watching the same old movies and enjoyed it more than anything. Sure, there were movies that we did not enjoy many times but it was the company that mattered. It was being around those beautiful people that mattered. Not the genre of the movie or the artistic taste of everyone.

And then recently, Sanket had found out a mini theater where they played old english movies. I did not even give a second thought before saying yes to going there. It would’ve been just like the old days.

Unfortunately it didn’t workout because the place was privately owned by some english speaking classes and turns out that the theater for just for “educational purposes” of their students.

Sure, that door has been closed now, quite literally, but what I yearn is the time with my friends. I yearn for those lazy summer afternoons when we had nothing much to do. No other place to be. Just sit there, gulp on our soda, and watch all the amazing things that we could lay our hands on. I yearn for those afternoons more than anything in my life.

As they say, you can never be at the same place twice. I cannot go back to that time. I can neither recreate that time again. It won’t be the same. Sure, we might have a bigger TV, HD prints of movies, more options, and more lavish things to eat and drink. But that’s not what made those afternoons beautiful.

During those days, sitting there and watching a fucking movie was the best thing we could do. That was the best option we had to spend our afternoon. We had nothing else that was better than this. It was the ultimate bliss. But now, with so much freedom and way more money than we had as children (any amount of money is “way more” than no money at all), there are a shit load of things that we can do and be. And anything we do comes at a consequence. We would be literally choosing to do that over something else which might be more important. Something like going over to the supermarket for getting the weekly essentials.

Now this makes me realize that there still so many things that would be the best things that we can do with our current situation, just like watching movies was the best thing we could do then. There’s just one problem. We’ve grown. We have grown, and we have developed different interests for different things. My best thing won’t be the best thing for someone else and each time we did the best thing, only one or maybe two would enjoy it. Others would just be there. However, the case wasn’t very different during our childhoods as well. Only a couple of people enjoyed it. Others were there just because they thought that they should also enjoy enjoy it because these two are.

We had such calm times. We would even go to sleep at each other’s place watching movies. You know, sometimes when our parents had left alone in the home for a couple of hours, we even watched porn together. Man those old days, I so miss them.

It’s true, when they say, that money can’t buy happiness. Although that isn’t entirely true. If you have so much money that you could forget all your responsibilities and just enjoy your life, and you have some friends who are the same, you could totally enjoy your life more than anything.

But anything in between is just pure bullshit. Working 9 to 5, living in a pool of responsibilities and expectations. The only way out is to grind for a few years and make so much money that you wouldn’t have to work for money after that. Like Kunal Shah, the founder of Freecharge.

I hope I just find the right direction where I can grind and be sure that it will bring me the freedom that I always wanted.

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