How to Think About Your Career
Julie Zhuo

This was the perfect read for me right now and leaves a good feeling in my hear (as I do have a big final interview tomorrow with a company I’ve long aspired to be apart of). I didn’t have a conventional route into my career — it took a lot of self-teaching moments, hard bouts of the ‘imposter syndrome’, reflection and persistence. I’m also the type to want instant results (i.e. I need to be a better [insert goal] now and I mean NOW!”). So of course it was a challenge to stay afloat those thoughts. However, when the calming moments of reflection would glide back in, I focused my attention to learn and to practice and to grow. Looking back at the person I was even just two years ago, I would not even believe how far I’ve gotten now.

You’ve related it well: we all can captain our own ships. Some of our ships may have prettier sails, some may be a different size, some may be a little worn out. But the truth about our career success is not how fast we can go — it’s how much and how well we use what we’ve got and more importantly, how far we dare to go.

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