Daenerys Targaryen is the real villain

Imagine you are a farmer in Westeros and you hear the daughter of the mad king has raised an army of Dothraki, unsullied, and dragons. She feels the iron throne is hers. I have a feeling from that perspective she is not the good guy and you are pretty pissed you have to get ready for another war. Which brings me to my first point.

She doesn’t have to fight this war

Everyone else in Westeros trying to be king lives there, grew up there, it is there home. Daenerys left, as a small child does not have any memories of it zero ties yet wants to rule because her dad held the throne once. That has to be the worst excuse. She has her own kingdom right now but she is the conquer that wants more. What is worse than a war that does not need to be fought?

She sucks at ruling

Her cities are plagued with unrest and uprising. She came to a city freed the slaves and somehow managed to make them her enemies along with the masters. That takes real talent. She is ruling over a few cities that she has no ties with no understanding of their culture I imagine its going to go just as bad if she gets the iron throne.

Westeros is already free

It was easy to get behind Daenerys when she was trying to free cities but Westeros is free already. So what is the moral high ground? How does she justify this other than my dad held the throne once. But we see the throne changes hands pretty damn often. She just wants the thone which is cool but that does not make her a hero.

Mad king blood is flowing( aka Targaryen’s are crazy)

If you haven’t noticed recently she really likes to kill people and she shows zero mercy. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing until you remember her dad is the mad king and she is showing flashes . because her lust for blood is growing. Every situation she is in now calls for blood when things don’t go her way.

When the show started, Daenerys was thrust into a horrible situation and she came out of it like a boss. Like everything in game of thrones, she is corrupted like everyone else. The moment she steps foot in Westeros she is the villain.