It has begun….

I’d like to introduce you to my creative team and partners in crime. My stylist, Al Malonga aka @wardrobebreakdown, and the man in charge of everything visual in the experiment, Juice aka @martindanielgabor. Back in July, we met in Juice’s studio in DUMBO (for you non Brooklynites that stands for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass;) to visualize and begin shooting the trailer for the Nebraska Jones Experiment. 3 months and one EPIC indiegogo campaign later, we are finally back in the lab and making preparations for the first music video shoot. Now that the work has begun, the reality that we actually completed the campaign successfully is sinking in. But I’m still pinching myself because it feels like a dream that we can finally move forward with plans to finish the project!

Phase one has officially started. We have much more prep work to do before we shoot. But I am very excited with the direction in which things are moving. I am also making plans to get the band back in the studio. This may happen in the next couple weeks! Let the tea and honey begin!