The beauty of the new creation is that there’s an ever-abiding presence of the Spirit of God with (and in) you. He’s always there with you and He’ll never leave you as long as you don’t leave Him. And He’s got all the power in the whole of creation resident in Him. But you see, to draw on this power there are requirements that has to be met, a very important component of which is FAITH. Make no mistake though, important as it is, faith is by no means the only requirement to be met. There’s Holiness (Purity), Fellowship (with The Spirit and The Brethren), Consistent study of God’s Word, Ceaseless Prayer (In tongues and in our understanding) and others…. When you look into the Word of God, you’ll see these things. You are not to memorize them, rather you must LIVE them.

Church ain’t for play. So don’t play there. Pastors ain’t motivational speakers. They are teachers. Funny thing about my school experience is that regardless of their innate mental capacities, the outstanding students are the ones who train themselves to advance along the lines delineated by their tutors. So when Pastors come to teach, you have to listen to them and be ready to walk in the line they show. They are very important to you because The Spirit has shown them things that “are above your pay grade” (using the common bureaucratic slang of Hollywood National Intelligence institutions) so when they talk try not to get distracted…. And it’s your responsibility to locate a church where the Undilluted Word of Grace (Acts 20:32) is being taught. If you don’t, well….. “iwo l’omo” (meaning: it’s up to you).

I know for a fact (and I can stake my life on it) that in a contest between the System of our God and the systems of the world, the System of our God will triumph, even if the contest is repeated ad infinitum. The Power of God will always, irregardless of time, space (and other dimensional variables), trump that of the world. A lot of us know this too, so it’s not new knowledge. So why do we keep falling short (I included too) of the standard. I think it’s because we cannot absolutely GUARANTEE that the Power of God is in us. And this derives from my first point: we don’t usually follow the Divine rules of engagement. To know and believe that God’s power is Supreme and available to us (Faith) and that if we follow the Divine rules of engagement the way we should (Obedience) and yet live below par is Rebellion. To not know is Ignorance. In both case scenario death is inevitable and, here comes the shocker, it is your fault! Know this: faith will make you come to Christ and obedience will make you stay.

So when you come to Christ, don’t suddenly begin to act. That’s Holywood Charade. Also, whatever you do please stay off the Rebellion Zone. That’s even more dangerous (1Sam 15:23). It’d waste your time, frustrate your life and kill you in the end. If you won’t heed all I’ve been saying before now, heed this. I’ve been there so I know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY what I’m talking about. I’ve done more terrible things after I came to Christ than before I did. Very few people have had that experience and made it out. So trust me, you don’t wanna go through the things I’ve been through. God is merciful yet just. His mercy doesn’t over-ride His justice, it co-exists with it. So if you jump from the highest point of the temple thinking “He’d send His angels to take charge over thee” (Psm 91:11, Lk 4:10), Ol’boy, na break you go break ya leg (or spine sef)- that’s the Just God. But if in your grief/pains you’d call on Him, He’d answer you and heal ya- that’s the Merciful God. And if in your folly, after being healed you wanna repeat the whole stuff again, He’d repeat His whole stuff too- that’s the Very Just God. So please don’t act. That you COME to Christ is all The Spirit needs. That you’d STAY in Christ is all you need. Come as you are, that’s all. If you stay long enough, you’d change into what He made when He made you. My great Friend, Mentor and Pastor says “church isn’t the gathering of perfect people alone, it’s also the place where hurting people come to get healed”. Trust me, there’s nothing you wanna bring that The Church of The Living God hasn’t dealt with before. Your case won’t scare them, theirs will awe you.

So make sure you’re connected to The Church of The Living God (whatever denomination it is that the Undilluted Word of Grace is being taught and where you feel welcomed, accepted and loved- these two requirements are very important) and be prepared to grow in Grace. That’s all you need.

Grace and peace be multiplied you you all. Amen.

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