Dad Gaming, Artificial Super Intelligence, Pixel Art Games

Finding time to game, playing a new game, the return of pixel art games.

Since my brother gave me his PS4, I’ve been doing less gaming on my iPhone. It’s tough to want to play with the iPhone when you have Mafia 3.

I just beat Mafia 3, great game, and the only other game my brother had was Witcher 3. This game has pushed me back to the iPhone. Not because Witcher is a bad game. Quite the opposite. Witcher is so big, complex, deep, and engrossing that I don’t have time for it.

Being a father with a child that has Cystic Fibrosis, you really have very little time. Add to that a full time job and extra cleaning responsibilities because of the CF and you get really no time for gaming. Mafia 3 was pretty good because it was shorter, simpler, and a bit more linear. Witcher has complex leveling up, crafting, potions, and so on. Normally, that’s my perfect game.

But being a father with no time has pushed me back to my iPhone. The games are much easier to play in short bursts. That’s the beauty of the iPhone. If you want a really successful iPhone game, make it simple, beautiful, fun, short, and playable in short bursts. Look at all the big games: Angry Birds, Tiny Wings, Flappy Bird. All short, simple games.

I’m really just saying that I love gaming on my iPhone and I love all the new amazing games that are out on it. It’s a great gaming machine that doesn’t replace my PS4, but augments it where the PS4 fails.

Speaking of iPhone games, there’s a new game out by the people that make the Carrot apps. The game is called Artificial Super Intelligence. It’s a great game that is very much a clone of Reigns.

That’s ok. Reigns has a great mechanism which is sort of stolen from Tinder. Swipe left or right. Dead simple. Instead of choosing dates, you are making decisions that have different outcomes based on what you choose.

Reigns is one of the best games on the iPhone ever. Easy. Super simple, beautiful, great gameplay, deep, and touch friendly. For those who don’t know; Reigns is a game where you are a king and you are given a decision that has two options that will in some way affect your kingdom whether it’s financial, religious, military, or social. You see how long you can go before one of those categories get’s filled too much and you get overthrown. When that happens, you move on to the next king. It’s brilliant.

Carrot is doing great to copy the gameplay and build on it. I still think Reigns is a better game. The UI is much better on Reigns. I can’t explain why, but the ASI game has a bit too much of a cluttered and unpolished look. It’s still a fun game, but I like Reigns a bit more for now.

With Artificial Super Intelligence you control an AI program that you are building in Silicon Valley. The catch is that there are multiple universes with different outcomes which is a great spin.

It’s fun for sure, but Reigns seems much more simple. I’m going to play it some more and see if it grows on me. I think it will.

Since I was born in 1984, I grew up with pixel games. We just called them games. But now they are called pixel art games or pixel games.

I love them. I’ll buy almost any game that is designed in a pixel art style on the iPhone.

I feel like they are making a huge return. They never really went away but now there are tons of game built in that style. I love it.

Games like Wayward Souls, The Escapists, Death Road to Canada, Gemini Rue, Kingdom New Lands, Sword and Sorcery and so on. There are tons.

I feel like it’s got to be easier to spend more time working on gameplay when you don’t have to worry about pushing the gaming system to the limits.

I don’t have much to say about it except that I’m super excited and now is a good time to game on the iPhone. Live on pixel games!